Department of Informatics and Electronics

Thermal Conduction Nanoengineering and Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

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We are interested in characteristic thermal phenomena in nanoscale systems and development of novel thermal management technology in semiconductors by nanostructuring. We develop energy-autonomous sensing systems with thermoelectric energy harvesters with several companies. We also investigate "Integrated Quantum Electronics", which enables new physics and technology by hybridizing quanta. Recently, we focus on photon-phonon hybrid quantum science using surface phonon polaritons.

Instructor / Laboratory
Nomura Lab/Masahiro Nomura

Research topics

  • Thermoelectric energy harvesting
  • Thermal phonon engineering: Physics and applications of nanoscale heat transfer
  • Phonon hybrid quantum science
  • Fundamental study of heat conduction
  • Thermal phononics
  • Optomechanics
  • Thermoelectric energy harvesting

We explore novel physics and applications based on hybrid quantum science. Our research activity in Integrated Quantum Electronics, includes photon-phonon hybrid project, phonon engineering, development of monitoring systems using thermoelectric energy harvesting, quantum information transfer.

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Keywords: Hybrid quantum science, Phonon engineering, Phononic crystal, Energy harvesting, Thermoelectrics, Optomechanics